Monday, November 24, 2014

Foundation Work on Knoebels' Impulse Well Underway

It was way back in February that Knoebels surprised us all with the announcement of Impulse, a new for 2015 steel roller coaster.

With the park's announcement so early in the year, the addition got lost in the shuffle a bit during the late summer announcements.  However, Knoebels has been hard at work preparing the site for the new ride, and have been doing an excellent job documenting the process.

The park is actually adding new time lapse videos each and every day of the Impulse construction site, above is a shot from yesterday morning.  The work site is already dotted with footings, both already complete or just getting underway.  Located right along the Knoebels' entrance road, Impulse will make an immediate impression on visitors next year.

Impluse is being built by Zierer, and will feature a 98 foot vertical lift, following by a vertical drop.  The eight passenger trains will encounter a cobra roll, vertical loop, and heartline roll along with plenty of other twists and turns.

Check out the park's website for Impulse so you can stay up to date on the ride's construction!