Monday, April 9, 2012

Wooden We Like To Know: Silver Dollar City

Something interesting can be seen at Silver Dollar City these days, and to me it looks an awful lot like the park has started to build a new wooden roller coaster!

An article about Rocky Mountain Construction, the company responsible for the Texas Giant's makeover, earlier this year let the cat out of the bag that they had a new project lined up at Silver Dollar City for 2013.  That's where the details ended, though.

When the park opened for the year a ton of footers could be seen, but now there is visual confirmation that a coaster is going up (try this link if the first is not working).  There's plenty of questions left though about the new ride, and no doubt we'll all anxiously await the park to speak up about them.

But for now we can just imagine all the possibilities that a new from the ground-up RMC ride could hold.  I almost hate to turn attention to 2013 since there are so many great rides opening in the next two months, but I have a feeling this project will be one to watch!