Sunday, April 22, 2012

Air Racing at Lagoon Amusement Park

© Lagoon Amusement Park

I will admit that I'm not always the biggest fan of Instagram photos, but this will be an exception to that rule because these photos that Lagoon took are pretty nice!  The Utah based amusement park has added Air Race as the park's 2012 addition, which is the second instillation of Zamperla's ride of the same name.

 © Lagoon Amusement Park

While I'm admitting things I'll also pony up to the fact that last Summer when I checked out Luna Park's Air Race, I did not ride.  While the ride is a kinetic masterpiece, I had a feeling that the ride was best suited for those with stronger stomachs! It's the spinning that gets me each time.

Lagoon's version of the ride features the same paint scheme at Luna's, full of bold colors that set perfectly behind the blue sky in these photos.

© Lagoon Amusement Park

It is actually a bit difficult to explain how the ride works.  The whole thing spins, but the plane vehicles then rotate vertically on their own, creating quite an effect.  Lagoon's ride has already shown to be a hit for the park.  While I may not be in line (at least without some strong dramamine) plenty of other folks were, I wonder if we'll see more of these pop up at parks in the future?