Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Logo-ing with Darien Lake plus New Rides!

Has anyone else noticed that Darien Lake seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis lately, at least as far as the park's logo is concerned?  Above on left is the logo that the park has used in recent seasons, then the following two are ones that both appeared this off-season.

They're quite different from each other, no?  I'm not surprised that the logo got a bit more subdued after Herschend Family Entertainment started managing the park, but even the two most recent logos give quite a different vibe.

But I digress.  The park is showing off one of their new rides in Rowdy's Ridge, a new family oriented area at the park in 2012.  The ride is named Moose on the Loose and riders get on top of a moose and go for a leisurely stroll through the landscape.

 © Darien Lake

And how cute are those moose?  This type of family attraction is something that I think more North American parks could use.  Not from experience, but from following the industry it seems that these types of rides are far more common in the less-lawsuit happy European countries - a shame for us, really.  They look fun!

And a ride that's already proven to be tons of fun...

 © Darien Lake

... is also being added and will be called the Hornet's Nest at Darien Lake - a Flying Scooter style ride.  Looks at those bees, they're ready for take off!  Where do I get in line?