Thursday, April 5, 2012

Steel Pier's New Coaster: A Zac Spin?

© Steelman Partners

Have you guys bumped into this concept art for the new Steel Pier, located in Atlantic City, New Jersey?  Previously it was announced that the famous ocean-side amusement pier would be seeing a massive renovation that would elevate the park from its current status into a destination.

In order to do that most of the pier would eventually be enclosed, which is clearly seen above.  Additionally some rides were mentioned, such as the world's tallest StarFlyer ride and a 250 foot tall Ferris wheel on top of the structure, both of which you can also see above.

Most interesting to moi, however, is the coaster they decided to use in this art.  Plans called for the new ride to go up in 2013, and clearly what's been used in the photo is an Intamin Zac Spin.  The only Zac Spin in North America is at Six Flags Magic Mountain, so it would certainly be a new ride type for its market.

We'll be sure to keep following this story as plans move forward.