Monday, April 23, 2012

Aerial Antics: 2011 Coasters

I love that aerial images are being updated more and more often these days, it allows for us to see more recent additions to our favorite amusement parks.  Let's check out some rather recent rides that debuted just this past season - all of which just so happen to be at Six Flags parks.

Six Flags Over Georgia took a large section of the U.S.A. themed area of the park and, well, bulldozed it in order to prepare for Dare Devil Dive.  But what was once just some dirt turned into a pretty nice ride!

The coaster made great use of the available area, changing a lazy section of the park into one that was high energy.  The kinetics of the Dare Devil Dive cars silently soaring through the track is great to watch... and even better to ride.

I'm sure it can be a bit frustrating to be a new coaster that's located right next to one that's regarded as one of the best in the world and still hold your own, but that's just what Gotham City Gauntlet at Six Flags New England had to do.

The wild mouse style coaster came to the park via Kentucky and took up home where another wild mouse style coaster was supposed to go, only that one went to Mexico!  Confused yet?

Well lookie here, another big pile of dirt!  Six Flags Great Adventure said adios to the Great American Scream Machine in order to fit in another Kentucky transplant, the Green Lantern.

A few months later much progress on the stand-up coaster had been made, though some track pieces were still not in place.  And the vertical loop and corkscrew had not yet gone though their argument over who got to be yellow.  No worries though, they worked it out with plenty of time before the Green Lantern opened to guests!