Saturday, April 28, 2012

SeaWorld Orlando Opens Turtle Trek

On top of several recent announcements about future developments, SeaWorld Orlando has also opened a brand new attraction, Turtle Trek.

Billed as the only adventure of its kind in the world, Turtle Trek combines live sea turtles and manatees in naturalistic habitats with a unique 3-D 360 dome theater experience.

Guests first visit two different habitats before the dome theater.  These are the homes of gentle manatees and sea turtles, and each encounter is paired with plenty of educational material which explains why the creatures are so unique.

As guests enter a giant domed theater they know they're in for a treat.  Using 3-D glasses, visitors experience a full 360 degree film that "takes them on the amazing journey of a special sea turtle named Nyah."  The "turtle's eye view" gives a first of a kind experience that totally surrounds visitors.

Turtle Trek also has some interactive attractions in the post show area, as well as a full gift shop.  A portion of each dollar spent at the shop will directly benefit research to help save animals.

As part of their commitment to nature, SeaWorld and all of its parks will be eliminating plastic gift bags within the next year.  This move is to not only keep them out of landfills, but also to stop animals from accidentally eating them.  A nice move!

Orlando Attractions Magazine visited Turtle Trek and created this nice preview video: