Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Six Flags Great Adventure Tops Off SkyScreamer

Six Flags Great Adventure's skyline changed forever today at approximately 2:15 pm when the park topped off it's latest attraction, SkyScreamer.

With the brightly colored tower pieces already firmly in place, only the decorative top piece remained to be added.  Slowly, and I'm sure quite carefully, the 262 foot tall crane lifted the top piece into place.  The decorative top piece contains the Six Flags logo and weighs an estimated 10,000 pounds.

Going forward the park will focus on control system programming, ride testing, and inspections and certification.  The ride is anticipated to open to the public on May 22nd as part of the new Adventure Alley section of the theme park.

Joining SkyScreamer in the new area will be a music-themed scrambler named Deja Vu, a flying elephants ride called Air Jumbo - both also set to open on May 22nd.  The fourth new attraction will be new bumper cars, named Fender Benders, which will open in June.

I, like all fans of the park, can't wait to check out the additions and take a spin on SkyScreamer!

All photo courtesy and copyright Six Flags Great Adventure.