Thursday, April 12, 2012

Skyrush Updates and Photos

Hersheypark, Hershey, PA, has already opened for the 2012 season during their Springtime In The Park event, but the main attraction of the year, Skyrush, isn't quite ready.  The park is just placing the finishing touches on the new coaster, and has been Tweeting some photos of the action. 

The above shot is - obviously - from the inside of the station, and it shows off just how quickly the train starts to climb the lift hill after dispatch.  That very steep lift should take no time at all to reach the top of!

Also of great interest to many of us are the new wing design trains that Intamin has come up with.  The two outer seats are both setback from the middle two, and also hang out over the end of the track.  Perhaps the more brave riders will opt for these seats, but you can be sure that I will firmly plant myself in one, too!

While not on Skyrush or waiting in line, I have a feeling many fans of the park will congregate on this new walking path. It stretches from Comet Hollow to near the park's entrance area, running along side the creek and Skyrush's layout.  This will be a photographer's heaven, no doubt!

For photos taken inside the park from this past weekend's opening, check out this great update from Keystone Thrills.  I'm really loving how Skyrush passes over the Comet's station, which looks fresh and new by the way.  And the view from the top of the Kissing Tower?  Don't even get me started!