Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cedar Point's Luminosity to Ignite the Night

Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, has announced the full details of their massive $6 million new nighttime spectacular, named Luminosity, to the public.

While a focus of the nightly event will take place on the new Celebration Plaza, formerly the Iron Dragon Midway, really Luminosity will light up a large portion of the park with a party-like atmosphere.

Luminosity's stage will be along side Iron Dragon, and feature an elaborate nightly show.  Guests will be taken on "a journey through land, sea and space," featuring a DJ, live singers and dancers, elaborate lighting and thumping beats. Cedar Point has released this virtual trip through Celebration Plaza:

Even after the main show is over there's still more party to come; the midways will turn into a dance party with additional retail and food stands located throughout the area.  A second DJ will be located above the Main Midway at the famous ballroom, and new lights and other effects will decorate the area.

Three of the park's most prominent attractions will receive new lighting to help add to the mood, including Millennium Force, Giant Wheel, and Power Tower.

Luminosity will premier on June 8th and run nightly through August 19th.