Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Adding Luminosity to Cedar Point

Cedar Point's new nighttime show and party, Luminosity, was just recently officially announced by the park, but construction on the project is progressing quickly.

Followers of the park's General Manager on Twitter have been given a sneak peek at the new Celebration Plaza, where the main show portion of Luminosity will take place.

The show stage will take up residence in the former location of Iron Dragon's queue, which will be reconfigured for this Summer.  That will allow plenty of room for a quite large stage to be built:

© Cedar Point

As you can check out in this photo the Celebration Plaza will be dramatically different than the former Iron Dragon Midway when complete.  The large show screen from the park's former laser light shows is now only a part of the park's history.

Luminosity will be 'powered' by Pepsi, showing one of the early initiatives of Cedar Fair to reintroduce corporate partnerships to the parks.  Well technically they never went away, but it looks like their prominence will once again return to the parks.