Thursday, April 5, 2012

Alabama Adventure Turns Into Splash Adventure

The official announcement has been made, the former Alabama Adventure amusement park will now only operate as a water park known as Alabama's Splash Adventure.

The new owners of the park (General Attractions) has hired a company named Amusement Aquatic Management Group to operate the park for them.

This means that all of the park's former amusement rides will be sold off.  We already knew that most of them were for sale, but the park is now confirming that all of them will be sold.  Splash Adventure will retain the Main Street plaza that once led to both amusement and water parks, with new attractions bridging the gap between them.

The park will see $1.5 million in expansion for the 2012 season. Seen above is one new attraction, the Aqua Course, which is an interactive structure with paths to follow combined with plenty of water.  A zip-line ride will also be installed at the park.

Additionally a new water maze will be added that allows guests to wander through to find their way out will be built, and will be filled with different water gags along the way.  Splash Adventure will also start to show movies during their Dive-In Movies series, giving guests something to do after the sun goes down.

As for the former ride portion of the park, it sounds like the owners are exploring options but continuing as a theme park is not one of them.  All the park's ride's can be seen listed here for sale, including the CCI wooden coaster Rampage for $300,000.  The park's brand new shoot-the-chutes, which only operated for one season, is going for $1.2 million.

Shame I never got to visit the park before it closed!  Generally speaking most had positive things to say about Rampage.