Sunday, April 1, 2012

NPN March 2012 Poll Results

Well, this past month's poll was a bit of a runaway.  I can't say I blame anyone though, there's something almost majestic about watching a new B&M Mega coaster be built, especially when it's rather tall and extremely photogenic.

I'm speaking of Shambhala at PortAventura, which easily came in first place when I asked you guys what was the best looking 2012 European coaster.  And first by quite a bit, amassing a total of 45% of the total vote:

Even though I feel like quite the cheerleader for the next ride, it still finished in second place with 22%.  Wodan at Europa Park just opened, but has been receiving positive reviews so far.

Another ride that's already opened finished in 3rd place, the Swarm at Thorpe Park.  One of B&M's new Wing Coasters, the Swarm is at the very least a visual treat.  Another inverted B&M creation, OzIris at Parc Asterix in France cleaned up in 4th place.

Legoland Billund's Polar X-Plorer looks like a fun ride - but I guess not for you guys!  It only received 4% of the votes, but not quite as bad as DiVertical, Mirabilandia's combo splash ride and coaster, which had just 1%.

This month's throw-back poll is now up, where were you ten years ago, and what was your favorite new coaster then?