Sunday, April 29, 2012

Details of the Reimagined Test Track at EPCOT

Test Track, one of the most exciting attractions at Disney World's EPCOT theme park, has now been closed in order for the ride to undergo a serious reimagining.  The new version of the ride will be dramatically different than the previous ride experience, shifting the focus of the attraction from real life automotive testing to the digital design of vehicles.

The ride is slated for a Fall reopening, which puts one of the park's major rides out of commission for quite a while.  The wait will be worth it, as it sounds like quite an interactive adventures is planned for the Chevrolet sponsored ride.  Guests will be able to design their own car in the pre-show area, allowing them to choose different vehicle attributes in the name of customization.  Their design will then be stacked up against the ride's test track in order to see how their car performed.

Test Track's ride experience will still consist of both slow and high speed sections, as in its former life.  The inside of the building will be totally redone however in order to take riders inside a computer design program where vehicles are often tested in current day.  Above are some concept images of the new building interior, which are pulling many comments of similarities to the Tron film.

After the ride guests can revisit their car design and interact with it through various methods in the post show area, including having it in a commercial or having their photo taken with it.

To really understand the change that are coming to the ride I highly suggest watching these interviews with Imagineers who are working on the attraction.  Test Track was great in its former life, but it looks like its upgrade into the digital age is going to be just as thrilling.