Monday, April 16, 2012

Aerial Antics: Schlitterbahn Kansas City II

This is going to be another updated Aerial Antics, checking out some of the more recent developments at Schlitterbahn Kansas City water park.  We took a look at the park from the sky about a year ago, but plenty has changed since then.  Plus, with Google's new 45 degree views we get an even better look than before!

Here is a look at the whole property.  As we can see, the park has been greatly expanded and is much more 'stretched' out than it was previously.  Really the park is to be known as Schlitterbahn Vacation Village, only the village part isn't quite built yet.  Still, this massive expansion just built allows us to see more of how things are planned out for the future, including the river that is slowly being created around the whole property.

Along with a resort there are plans for a riverwalk type area that will feature plenty of shops and restaurants, along with other entertainment.

This is the first section of the park that opened mid-Summer 2009.  It's looking much more filled in now that's it has been used a couple years.  You can also see the park's river boats sitting on the water at the dock, these will eventually provide transportation around the property.  If I remember correctly, they're from Geauga Lake.

And here is the section that is new for 2011/2012.  The expansion pretty much doubles the size of the park, and features a really long new river ride named King Kaw, which stretches over 3,000 feet.  There are also several new slides, smaller rivers, and a surfing simulator.  All the channels are connected such that you ride up a lift in your tube and never have to leave the river!

For more on the park's expansion, some of which opened in 2011 and the rest in 2012, check out this fun preview video:

Finally, there are still plenty of ride parts location around the property that were picked up from the Geauga Lake garage sale.  There's lots of fun to be seen, I look forward to seeing how Schlitterbahn uses all these items in the future:

To check out the new developments check out Google's images.