Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Black Widow Crawls Into Kennywood

 © Kennywood

A new creature has taken up residence at Pittsburgh, PA's Kennywood park, and it's got some intimidating looking legs that are towering over the park! The new attraction is named Black Widow, and soon it will be spinning a web of screaming riders, forty of them at a time.

 © Kennywood

Black Widow replaces the park's giant Pitt Fall tower, and while that ride will still be missed it certainly has a worthy replacement.  Black Widow is technically a Zamperla Giant Discovery, which stands up to 146 feet when the pendulum is at its maximum height.

If you look closely at the photos above, which the park posted for fans to see, you can see that the legs (supports) of Black Widow have some spider-like paintings on them, a nice touch.

The ride's center arm will have a ring attached to it that will seat the forty riders.  Once the swinging starts, so does the spinning.  The arm will eventually swing up to 120 degrees at its peak, well above the top of the structure seen above.

The impressive size of these rides makes them quite imposing, so the Lost Kennywood section of the park is going to have quite a different vibe this year - and I can't wait!