Sunday, January 6, 2008

Worlds of Fun 1997 Media

1997 marked the 25th anniversary for Worlds of Fun. Above is the image that was the cover of the press kit for the anniversary year.

What was new that year? Why Berenstain Bear Country, of course. And a laser light show.

A press image included in the kit. Obviously this isn't Berenstain Bear Country at Worlds of Fun, it looks like Cedar Point's. (which had that ghetto blow-up top to their tree) Oh wait, was that Valleyfair's? Both?

This is a section of the park's general brochure for the year. It has concept art, so of course I felt inclined to post it here. I love concept art.

Another favorite of mine, aerial photos. Here's another press image showing off Detonator and the wooden coaster Timber Wolf.