Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thunderhawk @ MiA Goes Vertical!

With very many thanks to Jon Roost and Cedar Fair Village I am able to present new pictures of Thunderhawk at Michigan's Adventure going vertical. All images are © Jon Roost and Cedar Fair Village.

It looks like some rather snowy conditions did not stop the park from placing the ride's first supports and even some track today.

Supports are up!

Here you can see lots of construction vehicles and some of the track that has been painted red.

They put up the first piece of track, though it hasn't been painted yet.

Here's a view with some of Shivering Timbers in the photo to give some perspective.

A closer view.

Cedar Fair Village also has up a special podcast that covers this new construction at Michigan's Adventure. Click here to check it out!

Thanks again to Jon and Cedar Fair Village!


Ryan said...

Hey, fyi, that is the Shivering Timbers helix. That picture was taken from the parking lot. But it's good to see the ride going up, rain or shine.

Reality said...

The coaster on the right side of the photos is Shivering Timbers. Wildcat would be on the left.

NewsPlusNotes said...

Thanks guys! I took a guess ... and was wrong.

Ryan said...

It's cool. I worked Shivering Timbers for 2 years. I just like to get recognition, hehe.