Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh that's not cool at all...

The above image is from an ad on for the former Geauga Lake's Black Squid 'Monster' style flat ride.

We already know that many of the park's rides are for sale, so no big deal, right? Well... then consider this:

This is a screen shot of the page that Geauga Lake Today has up for the same ride. And yes, that's the same picture! Just with the watermark removed! (and not very well, for that matter, it's sloppy)

It feels very, very wrong to be using photos from the last standing Geauga Lake fansite in order to sell the park's last rides! Cedar Fair should really have the decency to stop this ... but I doubt they will.


Benjamin Gagne said...

Whos says it was Cedar Fair that did it? I would put it more on the company selling the ride.

NewsPlusNotes said...

When I said Cedar Fair should fix it ... I mean that they should be aware that the ride company used that image. At the very least, when reviewing the ride listings they should wonder "we didn't supply those photos, where did they get them?"

Cedar Fair parks are known to have their ips show up on many, many amusement sites, especially NewsPlusNotes ... so if they are not aware of this hopefully they'll catch on and fix it. That's a big slap in the face for Geauga fans, ya know?