Saturday, January 19, 2008

Michigan's Adventure 2008 Brochure

Well kids, it's January, and that means that it's new 2008 brochure season! Let's start this year off with Michigan's Adventure and their 2008 park brochure.

Nice cover. Much more eye catching than kids in a car ride or something along those lines. Also, the park's logo does NOT feature the Cedar Fair logo-image thing it had last year. Thunderhawk is depicted as orange and yellow, but then I noticed something about the ride's logo.

There's a significant more amount of red in the logo, which makes sense now that we know the track is being painted red. Here's a comparison. The top logo is from the announcement graphics, the bottom (sorry for the quality) is from the brochure:
'Reality' just posted a comment under the first Thunderhawk painting post that they heard that it will be red track and yellow supports. So that matches pretty well with what I'm seeing in the logo color changes.

I used to love Chose Your Adventure books! Uhh, but yeah, pretty generic page - this and the next two pages are the exact same "content" pages as last year's brochure.

Kids' page! Nothing much to see here also.

It's weird to me that the new for 2008 attraction is featured on the last page. Historically, covering new attractions is always done right up front.

I didn't scan the back page, but regular admission is listed as $25.00, up from $24.00 last year. Two day tickets are now also listed on the back cover, last year they were not. Finally, season pass prices went up just under five bucks.

For comparisons, here's last year's brochure.