Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Knott's Berry Farm 1977 Brochure

Here's a Knott's Berry Farm brochure from 1977 - and boy you can tell it's from that decade - just look at those drawings on the cover!

Here's some of the general park information as well as places to go eat while visiting. Check out those crazy drawings! They're pretty hilarious if ya ask me.

Here's the park map from that year - it's a really large file. There's lots to see on there, for instance, I had no idea there was a lake across the street from the park with a boat.

Here's a breakdown of the different rides, attractions, shops, food shacks, and "free attractions" that the park offered.

Knott's really has changed so much since a few decades ago, eh? (like most parks, I guess, it just feels so dramatic at some parks, like Knott's)