Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dorney Park 2008 Ticket Prices

Dorney Park updated their ticket prices for 2008 on their website.

The big news of this is that all the Halloweekends dates are listed as "Haunt." I'm guessing from this that the park's event will change names like they did at all the other parks this past season, and, gasp!, perhaps we'll even get a new haunted house or something.

Regular ticked prices are up to $38.99, from $37.95 last year, Junior tickets are up to $18 from $15.95 last year. Two day tickets are $62 up from $58.95, and Starlight tickets are now $19.50. "Haunt" starlight tickets are up to$20.50, however, while regular "Haunt" tickets are up to $30.99 during the day.

I'm very excited at the possibility of the "Haunt" being expanded this year!