Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scream at the Parking Lot Coaster!

There's really no purpose to this post - but just look at it!

Everyone knows that Scream at Six Flags Magic Mountain is a well known 'parking lot coaster' - and is made fun of on a regular basis - but seeing it from the air is really funny. It's just gross! It's a perfect example of not caring much about the 'feel' of an amusement park when the coaster boom of the last decade and a half took place.

I hope the new Six Flags gang will never repeat something like this.


rob l said...

check out the overhead view at six flags great adventure. its the same way

Tori Simba Finn Esquire said...

they could at least put fake grass down or something, sheesh.

Chris said...

At least at SFGA they put pebbles over the parking lot when they built Scream Machine!