Saturday, January 5, 2008

Knott's History: Dreger Clock

I was recently contacted by Mr. Glenn Frank about a very interesting historical project going on that directly relates to Knott's Berry Farm, an obvious interest of this blog - and with my love of amusement park history, well even better.

Mr. Frank is working on the Dreger Clock Restoration Project. What is the Dreger Clock you ask? I'll let Mr. Frank explain:

"The "Dreger Clock" was built by my great-grandfather Andrew Dreger Sr. ... He was a watchmaker in his later years and built this amazing clock for the enjoyment of his community.

After His death the clock made its way to Knott's Berry Farm where it was enjoyed by thousands of visitors to Buena Park for over 50 years. But in the past year ... it was missing from its home in front of the ticket booths. It fell into disrepair and was removed, hidden from the public in a warehouse.

The Buena Park Historical Society wants to return it to the public view. We want to put it back in front of the eyes of the community! The clock has been purchased and awaits restoration cleaning and a new home.

Our dream is to see the clock restored, running and being enjoyed by visitors to the City again. We hope to place it along Beach Blvd in the city's historical park, across from the Buena Park City Hall."

It's a pretty cool historical project, if I say so myself. They're raising money to help with their efforts, you can check out that aspect and more by browsing the Dreger Clock website.

Thanks for the heads up, Glenn, glad to help get the word out!


ItsNotAPlace said...

Thanks for posting that about the Dreger Clock Mike! We are very happy with the way people have responded to help out!

NewsPlusNotes said...

My pleasure!