Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thunderhawk at MIA Being Painted Red?

Thanks to our eagle-eyed friend James, who left a comment in the first post today about Thunderhawk - we've noticed that some of the Thunderhawk track in the parking lot at Michigan's Adventure is a bright red color.

That's pretty interesting, no? I didn't think it was being painted. It looks too not-faded a color to be old track that was never painted orange... I'm confused. Anyone know what's going on?


Reality said...

I have a feeling this is from the station segment, but I could be wrong. Very weird, because the park has said many times they weren't going to paint it.

Johnfromdaboats said...

At Geauga Lake it had no un-painted track. They are painting it back to its orginal colors of red and that greenish blue. Theres another picture showing that on the site as well.


NewsPlusNotes said...

I'm really surprised they are painting it, but am happy they are. Having that new, fresh and clean look is a big part of a new ride.

As for the actual colors, I think they'll look great. The Six Flags SLCs back in the day with this scheme looked great, I thought. When they faded, well that was another story...

James said...

I would be very pleased to see Cedar Fair repaint this coaster but would be shocked if they painted it back to the original colors saying Six Flags overused that color scheme on most of their SLC installments. I don't believe the teal supports are freshly painted. I actually think they're the skeleton supports for the track in the station that use to be surrounded by wooden columns.

Compare these two photos:

(note the wooden columns around the supports)

(note the supports)

Joe C said...

I was going to guess station track, like reality suggested.

NewsPlusNotes said...

I decided to try to solve this one as easily as possible - so I contacted the park directly.

I was told that they ARE painting the ride - but the individual I spoke to was unaware of the full color scheme.

I do agree with james on those supports ... they look like they were that teal for a long time now. Not that the supports won't be teal, I have no idea, but I'm not sure we know either way yet.

Reality said...

You probably spoke to Laure or Janet. From what I've heard the other day, we're going to have red track with yellow supports... who knows if that will be the final scheme, though.