Thursday, January 31, 2008

Six Flags' New Media Network

Media Daily News has this article published about Six Flags' new overall plan to build a network of media outlets through their parks that should allow them to sell even more advertising.

At first I was all who cares, but then I thought about it and it made me wonder: is this a smart move that will help with the bottom line, or are they going too far with the in-park ads?

Let's look at some of their 9 'channels' of advertising:
Six Flags Television - entertainment and ads on plasma tvs throughout the parks, specifically ride queues
Radio - already in the park, more ads on there
Print - Ads on "9 million" maps, guides and such throughout the season
Outdoor - billboards and ads in the park, like those mist-spraying ones we saw last year
Experimental - unique things like the Wii stations
Web - the Six Flags web site gets 34 million hits a year

Minus the new TV Network in the park, it sounds pretty much like the things we saw last year. It would be bad if they took it too far, and had ads in everyone's faces their entire visit, but this initiative has good sides to it as well.

We will have to see this coming summer how it all plays out.


Benjamin Gagne said...

They have already gone to far with it. Look at the picture at this link...

I love how the web address for the movie is "" You don't have to do much seeking to see them!

NewsPlusNotes said...

WOW - that's pretty bad. I hadn't seen that picture before, thanks for the link.

Stuff like that is totally out of line in my opinion.