Monday, January 21, 2008

Want to Save the Golden Nugget?

So as we sadly are all aware, the Golden Nugget Mine Ride is still sitting on the former Hunt's / Dinosaur Beach Pier in Wildwood. The Morey's are still the owners of the pier and the ride, but still have not decided what to do with this historic attraction.

The ride was built in 1960 by John Allen / Philadelphia Toboggan Company, and was a unique coaster type dark ride hybrid. The ride incorporated Bill Tracy props and gags into the action, these alone would make the ride worth saving (not that all are left, though). (Click here for awesome photos)

The ride was incorporated into the failed Dinosaur Beach park that was on Hunt's Pier in the 1990s, and since that closed the ride has sat idle.

I think it would be fantastic for a new generation of riders to experience this piece of history.
If you feel the ride should be saved, please take a few minutes to send them an e-mail expressing that:

Ya never know, maybe we will all get to take a ride into the mine again some day!


Chris said...

We've lost too many John Allen pieces the past few years, I really hope we don't lose this one. If this ride doesn't meet with Morey's strategic plan, maybe another theme park operator can step in? It would make a great statement by the new controlling interest of Kennywood to come rescue this classic!

NewsPlusNotes said...

Here, here! That is a good idea ... Kennywood would be a perfect fit for a ride like this.