Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Some Cedar Fair News...

Cedar Fair just put out a press release, which I think is in response to yesterday's release by Six Flags, about... well their attendance for the year. Honestly, it was a puff piece press release - oh wow that rhymed nicely.

Anyway, the company entertained 22.1 million, up from 19.3 in 2006. Preliminary per capita has risen to $40.45 from $38.71 in 2006. Good news on the surface, at least.

They also talk of "exciting new marketing promotions" for this season, which is also fine by me, as I've thought that Cedar Fair's marketing has become pretty stale the last few years.

On another note, this Sandusky Register has an article today about how the company is reacting to their growing size.

They've added 20 or so new corporate positions since the Paramount merger, and now feel they might need more space for their full-timers. They're doing a study to evaluate the costs and need of an entirely new office building for the company headquarters.

They also talk of upgraded technology that would come with the new building, and since Cedar Fair is so slow at taking on new technology, the halls of this new office would probably be filled with "now we have that super fast internets on ours computers!"

Ok, that's all for now.


Thestorysofar said...

On that note, Kings Island installed their new sign today. Check