Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Dorney Haunt Idea

I was thinking about what Dorney could do new for the Haunt this fall, and came up with a quick idea, which led to a quick sketch. Outdoor haunts seem complicated at the park ... there are several areas that could work well, but with most of them there's something along that section of the midway that would make it not work. (particular rides, games, etc) The park has such random midways because of it's development over such a long period of time.

I thought that the area down by the flume and go-carts could work well. As you can see, guests would flow through starting to the left of the Burger Barn, wind their way through the area, and exit on the right of the barn.

The log flume would be closed anyway, probably, and the Krazy Kars would have to close early. The go-carts would either close or remain open, depending on if it'd be worth it. It's an area with decent trees and it's off to the side with no major attractions or buildings. I think it'd be a little short but it could work...

I'm such a dork! Thinking about Halloween in January. What do you guys think?


dwitos079 said...

I think it could very easily be like an area like they have by wicked twister in the cedar point event, or like that area that goes by raptor. Both of those could easily be accomodated there.

Could you allow anonymous comments? I would comment more if you did, because logging in and remembering the password is kind of a pain. I read your blog every day a couple times a day.


dwitos079 said...

although we all know Dorney won't do this, dorney is given such little attention anymore. It has become the new Michigan's adventure.

NewsPlusNotes said...


I'd love to switch to anonymous posting - but that's a downfall of Blogger in my opinion - there's tons of spam involved in that. You get all sorts of werid comments trying to sell stuff - and lots of adult stuff too, it's really crappy.

I do appreciate you taking the time to sign in and comment though! Maybe if others feel the same way we can switch for a period to see what happens.

Benjamin Gagne said...

Dont forget, they can always use queue lines as well as the trough of the rapids ride! At Canadas wonderland this past October they used both of theses ideas, and it was awesome! Going in to the rapids ride trough was CRAZY! They also disquised a queue line by making it all hay bails and corn etc, the effect was quite cool, you coulnt even tell you were in the queue line!

Anonymous said...

Haha don't feel like a dork. I think up Valleyscare ideas the day after I go to the haunt. (And in November on. . . )