Monday, January 14, 2008

Dorney Park Fun Facts #20

Let's take a look at the Dorney Park 1983 Brochure!

1983 was the park's 99th year of operation. Some nice pictures on the cover there, like the Flying Dutchman and some rockin' 80s singers. Oh yeah.

Lots of really great stuff to be seen in this spread. Upper left you have a happy family entering the main entrance, which is now the employee entrance. There's the Flying Dutchman in all its glory, a nice pic of a sorta scary looking Alfundo character, and Thunderhawk with it's striking gold paint job. Journey to the Center of the Earth, the Sky Ride, kids with ice cream, it's all there!

This map that was in the brochure was a big reason why I wanted to feature this brochure. So much to see on here too.

Castle Gardens was still standing, The Mandarin House, parking lot tower, "The Coaster's" station with the Alfundo sign, miniature golf, and about a thousand groves that are no longer standing.

The park's 'second' entrance had already been built, and the "Roaring 20s Midway" was still pretty new. Apple Butter Village was hidden in the trees near the bottom of the park, and Zoorama was still out where Laser is today. All that, and lots of other neat things to take notice of in that image.

Here's some more information they had on Apple Butter Village - it sounds a lot like areas you can still find at Knoebels today. And, of course, the price and directions part of the brochure is included as well. Isn't it weird how that Dorney logo is somewhat similar to the one they're using now?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed.