Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Skyscraper Leaving Valleyfair!

Skyscraper has been removed from Valleyfair's website. Interesting. Rumors started a bit ago that the ride was headed for Cedar Point this coming summer. Now suddenly that appears as thought it may be true - or at least going to another park.

It looks like Cedar Fair is using this upcharge ride in a location for a few years, then moving it on to make new revenues elsewhere. Not a bad idea, I guess. It wasn't very popular at Dorney Park after the first year or so, and it seems the same happened at Valleyfair!

I wonder if they'll send the sign from Dorney's ferris wheel along with it again? (Dorney Park's ferris wheel was named Skyscraper before the ride was added, and they used the ferris wheel's sign for the ride when it opened)