Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cedar Point's Planet Snoopy

Today Cedar Point officially announced its 2008 addition to the park, Planet Snoopy. And they even put out high-res concept art! Yay!

The children's area will have 7 rides, and take over the former Peanuts Playground area as expected. The seven announced rides are indeed all from Geauga Lake. The "Planet" part make sense to me now, since the theming of the rides from Geauga Lake can be minimally changed with the theme of 'Snoopy's worldly travels' being used.

Elsewhere on the property, 4 new live shows will debut, including a new Peanuts/Snoopy ice show, also, the aquatic stadium will have an extreme sports show for the first time.

Macaronies will also be changed into a Snoopy themed family restaurant, with a small "adult only" menu.

Rounding out the $5.2 million expansion is the continued renovations of the Sandcastle Suits hotel that is on park property.

Here's a link to Cedar Point's release.

Here's a similar view of the concept art of the area from this past season, or so. You can see how they will work the area over into Planet Snoopy.