Saturday, January 26, 2008

Voodoo 1.26.08 Update

I thought I'd take a spin by Dorney Park to see what that white blob was I've been seeing on the Voodoo Webcam, and so I took some pictures. Here's the update.

Let's start in the parking lot. It looks like those are painted supports for the station and/or launch track areas.

Not too much new in this area.

Same here, but that track on the left is having stuff attached to it.

Closer view of some of the supports.

Here is that blob I mentioned from the webcam. It's a tent, if you will, that I'm guessing is for allowing newly poured concrete to dry. That way snow and stuff can't mess it up. It looks like it's covering the area for the ride's station or electrical room.

That was a guess about the concrete thing - if anyone has a better idea of what this is for please, let me know!

One last view. Steel has to start to go up soon!


Anonymous said...

I think they might be working on electrical or something like that. Look at how Cedar Point put there's together.

As you can see they did not start till January I am sure they will start soon. It won't take long to get it all done.

NewsPlusNotes said...

Thanks for the comment. Coaster-Net has some awesome photos and info btw - good job!

Anonymous said...

Haha thanks how did you know about I am on there if you did not know but thanks again. I love your page as well its always up to date!