Saturday, August 16, 2014

Six Flags Magic Mountain Hides 2015 Ride Name in Plain Sight

In honor of National Roller Coaster Day, and also Colossus' last day of operations, Six Flags Magic Mountain put out this fun coaster-name chart.  You can use the first letter of your first and last names to come up with an interesting coaster name, mine is Mega Howler.  Interesting.

The park also revealed on Twitter that their new for 2015 attraction's name is on this list!

Now the only problem is that we don't know the correct combination for the new ride's name... though following the tradition of naming the other Six Flags Rocky Mountain conversions, the ride's original name will be included in some way.  And as it turns out, the park included Colossus in the last name category:

That just leaves an adjective to come before Colossus, and we've got the name!  We've seen both "Iron" and "Steel" added to rides like Iron Rattler and Medusa Steel Coaster, but this list is lacking both of those!

So the park must be going in a different direction, or at least one that doesn't include a description of the new ride track.  Honestly, I think the obvious choice is "Pyro Colossus."  Just kidding.

There's a few adjectives on the list that look pretty good to me:

• Dueling Colossus
• Epic Colossus
• Mega Colossus
• Ultimate Colossus
• Xtreme Colossus

Do you guys agree?  Which do you think it will be?  The big announcement will take place with all the other Six Flags parks on August 28th!


Unknown said...

We are taking our guess with California Colossus! Six Flags has named their two biggest Sky Screamers after Texas and New England and California Colossus sounds like a reasonable name!

jen said...

I could see it being Twisted Colossus depending on just how crazy the layout becomes

Darrick said...

I would say... "Twisted Colossus"! I don't know why but that name just Sticks out to me! :-) We will see on the 28th! I'm Excited!!!!