Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Worlds of Fun Announces New Water Park Addition for 2015

Next year there will be plenty of new ways to splash in the summer sun at Worlds of Fun's Oceans of Fun water park.  Just announced for the 2015 season is the addition of Splash Island, a 4,200 square foot water play area being added to the property.

Set to open on Memorial Day weekend, Splash Island is designed to allow families to enjoy the attraction together.

"It's exciting to add an attraction for a third straight season," Worlds of Fun vice-president and general manager Frank Wilburn said. "We've seen many successes combining Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun into one park for one price, and with our guests looking for more activities that could be shared by the whole family we've addressed those desires in a major way."

© Worlds of Fun
Splash Island will feature a large assortment of water play items spread throughout the space, including water jets that blast up from the ground.  Over-sized tulips and other flowers will cascade water downward, and frog and turtle characters will also shoot out water at guests.  Commonly known as a splash pad in the industry, the area will be able to handle a large amount of guests, increasing Oceans of Fun's overall capacity.

Splash Island will be built located near Coconut Cover, another of the water park's areas geared toward children and their families.

© Worlds of Fun
Other changes will be seen on one of Oceans of Fun's oldest attractions, the Buccaneer Bay.  Previously visitors have been able to take kayaks and canoes out on the water, and next year a set of swan shaped paddle boats will join the fleet.

"The swan paddle boats will provide our guests with another layer of unique experience and continue to add value to the overall guest experience at Worlds of Fun," Wilburn said.

The addition of Splash Island marks the third splash pad we've seen announced so far for Cedar Fair parks in 2015.  Already announced are similar attractions at Canada's Wonderland and Kings Dominion.