Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Latest on Six Flags New England's 2015 Coaster Conversion

© Six Flags New England
I think at this point it is safe to blatantly say that Six Flags New England is converting the Cyclone into a Rocky Mountain steel topper track experience.  I'm all for a good secret, but this one's out of the bag at this point.

The theme park may still be teasing the ride's name, theme, and layout (the latest tease can be seen above), but photos just released by SFNE Online show all the evidence we need to know what's what.

The park has made some crazy progress in just the park week with dismantling the Cyclone, the ride's first drop, part of the lift, and several other sections are gone.  The turn out of the station received steel cross-support beams, and now just recently red/orange topper track pieces have arrived on site.

For the full update, including photos of the work and recent arrivals, click over to SFNE Online.