Monday, August 4, 2014

Quassy Amusement Park Adding Two New Rides in 2015

Quassy Amusement Park has announced two exciting new rides that will be added to the amusement park for the 2015 season.

The first is a thriller for the bigger kids, named “FRANTIC.”  The ride will open in April of 2015 and be a 'Twist'N Swing 360," manufactured by VISA International of Italy.  When complete the ride will be located near the park's Grand Carousel, where the old ticket booths were located.

FRANTIC will seat riders at the end of a pendulum, with their feet dangling freely below the seat.  As described by the park, "the loading platform floor retracts and the pendulum starts to gently swing back and forth between its supporting towers. At the same time, the ring of seats begins to rotate as the ride reaches greater heights with every pass. As “FRANTIC” climbs to 80 degrees, then 120 degrees, the G and negative-G forces generated by the ride increase, as do the screams from thrilled patrons.  The swinging action continues until the ride finally does a series of complete 360-degree, topsy-turvy flips."

The new ride will feature bright colors and theming along with a package of LED lights that will look amazing at night. 

Also new next year will be a set of kiddie bumper cars, also created by VISA International, named "Collidoscope."  The new ride, where kids can gently bump one another in their cars, will be located among the park's other classic children's rides.