Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hersheypark Announces Laff Trakk Indoor "Glow Coaster" for 2015

A brand new combination dark ride and roller coaster, named Laff Trakk, will be thrilling guests at Hersheypark in 2015.  In an announcement today, the park spilled the beans on their creative new addition that is aimed at the whole family.

Slated to be the park's 13th roller coaster, Laff Trakk will take riders on a vivid journey through a fun house themed indoor space, with plenty of nods given to attractions that once existed at the park like Whoops and Laugh Land.

Some of the Laff Trakk characters © Hersheypark
As the "first indoor, spinning glow-coaster in the United States," Laff Trakk's environment will be family friendly and decidedly unique.  The coaster's path will take riders through classic Fun House themes such a a hall of mirrors, house of cards, and directly under Laffing Sal on the lift hill.

Laff Trakk's individual four-seater cars will spin freely throughout the ride, making no two trips exactly the same.  The weight distribution on each car will make the cars spin at a different rate each time around the course.

A look at the visuals of Laff Trakk
Hersheypark teamed with Raven Sun Creative to create elaborate theming for Laff Trakk, including interactive photo opportunities that will begin in the queue.  The attraction will be located in a "130 feet long by 75 feet high red, white and blue building along Midway America between the Whip and Midway Tent."  To make room for Laff Trakk two children's rides will be moved and one placed in storage.

Hersheypark has released a point of view simulated ride experience for Laff Trakk:

The ride hardware for Laff Trakk will be a Maurer Sohne designed Spinning Coaster SC2000.  Featuring seven four seat cars, the coaster is capable of a theoretical 850 riders per hour. 

Several of these rides already exist in the united states, including the Spider at Lagoon and Steel Dragon at Waldameer Park.  Having been on one, I can attest that their high banks and mix of wild mouse style elements make them a blast for riders.

Though Laff Trakk will be located indoors and hidden from view, this is what the coaster's layout will look like.  The ride track spans just over 1,400 feet long.  The coaster hits a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour during the 70 second ride.  A low height requirement will allow younger members of the family to ride Laff Trakk, something especially important for a family theme park.

Heresheypark has more details on the attraction available on their official webpage.  Laff Trakk has a planned opening of May, 2015 at Hersheypark.