Sunday, August 24, 2014

Six Flags Parks 2015 Expansion Tease Mega Round-Up

While away last week I kept up with social media only, but saw a great deal of new hints and teases from Six Flags parks across the country.  Instead of breaking them all out, here's one big post with the latest speculation.  Hope you have yer reading spectacles on!

© Six Flags New England
Six Flags New England just shared this photo, which appears to give away the name of the park's 2015 ride.  Well, it does in a sense at least - I would assume the name is there someone among the mixed up letters.

We know that Cyclone is being replaced with a new Rocky Mountain ride, but the letters do not include a "y" so does that imply a totally new name?  That's a new direction for these Six Flags wooden coaster conversions if true.  Or it could be an attempt to divert us from an easy guess, like "Iron Cyclone" or something similar.  Also make sure to check out their short teaser clip on Youtube, as well.

While on the subject, be sure to jump over to SFNE Online to check out a very interesting update - looks like the new ride will be significantly taller than before and the support color has been revealed!

© Six Flags Great Adventure
Oh Six Flags Great Adventure, how you continue to stump me with your clues.  This latest tease has a photo of Apple Jacks, the ghost from Boo Berry cereal, and something that rhymes with banana.

The cereal I'm really lost on, and the only even slightly relevant thing that rhymes with banana is cabana - but that's not a very exciting addition to tease about.  I can't wait to see what all this stuff means after the announcement!

© Ron McKenzie
This photo is not from Six Flags St. Louis' official social media, but it is however from someone who would have a very good idea of what's going on at the park.

While we already know that the announcement is coming soon, the fact that 3-D glasses were needed to make this teaser clear says quite a bit.  The Justice League: Alien Invasion 3D ride uses similar glasses.  Just saying.

Meanwhile the park is continuing to send out teasers related to the Scooby characters moving out of their ride building, with a bunch of new folks checking the place out.

Six Flags Over Georgia is now in the tease mix as well, releasing their 2nd video which can be seen above.

The video is short, but probably gives away some big clues.  The park filmed themselves on some sort of lift, pointing out that they are 70 feet above the ground.  They also say that the park looks pretty "chaotic" from up there, also using the phrase "straight down."

While a coaster doesn't seem to make a lot of sense after a big water park addition this year, perhaps some sort of thrilling flat ride is in order?

Six Flags America is promising that guests will "feel the burn" in 2015, releasing only the above image so far.  In the social media posts the park also uses the tag #BourbonStBURN, potentially pointing us to look at the new Mardi Gras section as the location for this new attraction.

I would surmise that we're seeing the very top of the new attraction's logo in the background of the image, which aside from flames almost appears to be a ride track.  It is pretty hard to tell, however, and I'm not sure I'm ready to say that Six Flags America will get a new coaster.  At least not off of this clue alone.  Perhaps we'll have one more hint before the announcement this week.

The antics of Six Flags Fiesta Texas have raged forward over the past week, with a faux news conference held just today by the Mayor of Rockville.  In the end the Mayor announced that the Hustler flat ride (spinning pool ball ride) will not be removed, as many have speculated.

The park has also thrown out the phrase "world's first" when describing their 2015 addition, which means it's going to be something special.  The park is also inviting all guests to come to see a preview of all the changes coming to Rockville on August 28th, from 5 to 7 pm.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas' announcement appears to be one of the larger ones for next year, and I'm quite excited to see what they have in store for us!

Six Flags Over Texas has been quiet lately with their super cryptic 2015 clues, but they did just make one bigger announcement: the ACME Rock-N-Rocket is being removed, and its last day was today.  The ride is an Intamin Looping Starship contraption, which was added to the park back in 2006.  Without doing much research (i.e. none), I don't believe there are many of these rides left in the world.

No other new clues about what we will see added to the park next year, though the dark ride rumors are still extremely prevalent.

Finally, we end with Six Flags Great America.  Let's be honest, after Goliath I don't think we can expect anything too big in 2015, but the park has been releasing videos twice a week leading up to the announcement.

Nothing too exciting has been revealed just yet (a climbing structure will be removed), and this week's video really - at least on the surface - seems to get us no where.  Take a look for yourself above.

Phew, that's it for now - this Thursday, the 28th is the official announcement for all the parks!