Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Focus on Rye Playland's Future Shifts Back to CAI Parks

© Playland Park
With the idea of Sustainable Playland taking over Rye Playland now just a part of history, local legislators are once more seeking a new plan for the classic amusement park.

And, not surprisingly, they're appearing to be turning back to two operators that proposed leasing the park's operations several years ago - but were turned away in favor of Sustainable Playland.  Feels like a big fat "told you so" if you ask me, as arguably both Central Amusement Int. and Standard Amusements had solid plans for the property that seemed more sound than Sustainable'.

Central Amusement Int. had an especially appealing plan to expand Playland.  CAI Parks, as they are also known, is the operating arm of Zamperla and are responsible for the rebirth of amusements in Coney Island, including this year's custom designed Thunderbolt roller coaster.

If you want to check out the details of that original plan, which included a large amount of new rides and coasters, the original presentation can be downloaded via this link.

This story is nearing three years old at this point - let's cross our fingers and hope that the right decision is made soon so the next chapter of Playland can begin!