Sunday, August 31, 2014

Orlando Area Amusement Park Removing Rides

I think they're going to have to change this logo, pretty soon that is.  Old Town, located in Kissimmee, Florida - pretty close to the outside gates of Walt Disney World - has announced that they will be removing all of their amusement rides.

The park wrote on their Facebook page to acknowledge the change:  "Old Town has begun a new phase of growth and improvement. At this time, the classic amusement rides have been closed and will be removed from the property to make way for future expansions. The Go Cart rides, Laser Tag, Arcade, Rootin’ Tootin’ Shooting Gallery and The Haunt will all remain open for your families enjoyment."

If you've driven around the Kissimmee area, you might have spotted the giant rainbow colored sling shot that was at the very end of Old Town's property.  Old Town isn't just amusement rides, actually they were a smaller offering when compared to the massive amount of shops and restaurants on the complex.

The rides were located at either end of the property, above is the part that has frontage on the street.  There's the Sling Shot, a free fall, Ferris wheel, go-karts (staying), kiddie rides and a couple others.

The opposite end of the park features more kiddie rides, a Tilt-a-Whirl, Scrambler, and two roller coasters.  For kids there was a Wacky Worm, and bigger thrills could be found on a production model Zamperla Windstorm.  Unfortunately the announcement came too late to still try to get in a spin on these rides, as they were already closed for good when the park came clean about their plans.

Most of the rides were added after 2000, although the property started operating the shops and restaurants a couple decades before.  I can't say it is too surprising that they are ditching their rides - Fun Spot Kissimmee is literally the bordering property to the East of the park!

While browsing Old Town's webpage I noticed that the park map looked familiar, really familiar.  That's the exact style that all the Cedar Fair park maps are drawn in - odd!  I always figured that Cedar Fair had them drawn in-house, which is why I never saw any similar maps out there.

Alas, I guess that assumption was wrong.  I'm not sure who draws the Cedar Fair park maps, but apparently they are able to be hired to draw others.  Does anyone know for sure?  If you do, fill me in!