Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hersheypark Gives Final Hints Before 2015 Announcement

There is now less than one week before Hersheypark announces its new for 2015 attraction.  The park has released a new clue each Tuesday leading up to the reveal, with this past week's giving some big hints.

To recap, the first week's clue seemed to indicate that the new attraction would reside in the location of the current Midway Tent, located in the Midway America section of the park.  The second clue gave credit to the theory that whatever the new ride is, it will take place in the dark.

Week three gave a possible hint at a ride system, showing fun house mirrors and the text "You'll have a distorted view - while spinning, too!"  The final clue, seen above, shows a Laughing Sal type character along with a hint at a fun house type attraction - along with the phrase "Whoops!"

If you look back at Hersheypark's history, you'll see that they had fun house open in 1938 that was named Whoops.  It was located in the Comet Hollow section and lasted until 1945 when it was removed for the Comet.

So now if we look at the 3rd clue, it makes it fairly clear that the ride will involve spinning.  What if the park plans on creating a fun house themed indoor spinning coaster?  That's a total guess, it could just as easily utilize a spinning dark ride system for the new ride, too.

However, if it was a smaller coaster, say one like the current Wild Mouse, but with spinning cars - well that could allow for the removal of the Mouse which sits on prime water park expansion land.  The park's current Wild Mouse is outlined in red above, and as you can see it's tightly squeezed next to the main water slide tower for the park.  The park could do plenty with that space, especially considering how many slides come off that one tower next door.

Stay tuned for next Tuesday when the park will spill the beans!