Monday, August 11, 2014

Six Flags Great America is On the Path to 2015

Six Flags Great America has launched a new "Choose Your Path" series on YouTube, which will eventually lead up to the park's 2015 announcement.

I can't imagine that the park has anything too big up its sleeve for next year, seeing as the mighty Goliath just opened this summer.  Still, Six Flags Great America does a great job with their teases and pre-announcement updates, and whether a large or small addition, they're at it again for 2015.

Each Monday and Thursday the park will post a new piece of the puzzle on YouTube, but viewers must choose between two items in the park they want to learn more about.  Sounds like they're giving potential spots for expansion to take place and we pick which to look further into.

The choices on the first video are the Southwest Amphitheater and Aunt Martha's restaurant.  Watch the video above, then click our choice and stay tuned!