Thursday, August 28, 2014

Twisted Colossus Opening at Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2015

The return of Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain will be mighty, filled with new elements and twisted track that is unlike anything the old wooden coaster could offer.  In 2015 Six Flags Magic Mountain will open Twisted Colossus, the "world's longest hybrid coaster," offering nearly 5,000 feet of track for passengers to encounter.

The rides begin with a 128 foot tall lift hill, followed by an extremely steep first drop taken at 80 degrees.  While the images above appear to show the ride as a racing coaster, technically it is only one track with two lift hills.  The park can time the dispatch of the rides, along with the dual lift hills, to have two trains run at the same time and interact along the course.

The ride's path will include two inversions, a Top Gun Stall where the train briefly hangs upside down, and a zero-g roll.

The coaster will also borrow an element from the Gravity Group, creating the first steel track hybrid "high five" element.  The two trains out on the course of Twisted Colossus will soar by each other during a heavy bank that will make it appear as though riders could reach out and touch those on the other train.

The total ride time of Twisted Colossus will be nearly 4 minutes, which is quite a bit longer than most similar rides and by far the longest of any current Rocky Mountain ride.

This preview of the coaster makes it a bit easier to understand how Twisted Colossus is actually one track that looks like a traditional racer!

The ride will be located in a new themed section of Six Flags Magic Mountain, named the Back Alley.  The park describes the new section as a place "where guests can expect the unexpected through whimsical experiences in entertainment, food and retail."

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