Saturday, August 9, 2014

Six Flags Over Texas' 2015 Mystery Continues

Whatever Six Flags Over Texas is working on for 2015 has me pretty confused, I must admit.  This news story about the speculation over what the park is working on features aerial shots of the work - a screen cap of which is above.

Obviously a rather large platform has been built in the middle of the holding lagoon for the park's river rapids ride.  I have no construction expertise, but it seems weird how they're building the platform with big sections apparent, instead of one continuous surface.  One would think the platform will hold an addition to the adjacent Adventure Theater, seen next to the work, to make a larger attraction.  Something about the construction style is just weird if you ask me.

© Six Flags Over Texas
Even more weird are the clues that the park is posting to their Facebook account!  The first one showed a darkened image of the park, giving more credit to the idea of a dark ride coming to the park.

However the most recent image is seen above, and aside from a lot of white I see rain drops on glass, a cat, metallic walls, and a Please Wait for Attendant sign.  Others have drawn a connection between the Cat and Catwoman (and a Batman theme) but isn't that too obvious?  I hope the announcement makes these strange images more clear when it takes place on August 28th!