Sunday, August 10, 2014

Conneaut Lake Park Headed for Sheriff's Sale

© Conneaut Lake Park
Local commissioners have voted unanimously to send Conneaut Lake Park to a sheriff's sale, citing their duty to address the park's owed back taxes as the main reason for their vote.

Recently a new group, the Economic Progress Alliance of Crawford County proposed changing the amusement park into a community mixed use site, preserving amusements while adding other facilities to generate revenue year-round.  The commissioners rejected the plan outright, saying they have no financials in place to make it happen, nor does the organization have a set plan on paying the nearly $1 million in taxes back.

The sheriff's sale was switched from a tax sale so that the park didn't have to be sold off parcel by parcel.  For a tax sale, the 40ish parcels of land that make up the park would have been purchased one by one, but for sheriff's sale one buyer could grab the whole property.  That doesn't necessarily mean the end of the park, but a much more likely use of the land if one entity purchased all of it would be residential, given the lakefront location.

The local news reports that no date is set us for the sheriff's sale, as more bankruptcy court proceedings have to take place first.  However, it could be as soon as October of this year if everything is filed and moved through the court system soon.