Saturday, August 2, 2014

Miracle Strip @ Pier Park Nearly Ready to Start on Starliner 2.0

© Miracle Strip @ Pier Park
Before too long, Miracle Strip @ Pier Park will being work on the Starliner 2.0, planned to open in 2015.  The new amusement park has already obtained both the land and the financing needed to build the wooden coaster, which will be a modern replication of the original Starliner that ran at Miracle Strip Amusement Park for over 40 years.

A virtual ride on Starliner 2.0 was released earlier this year, but the park has recently released the above look at how the ride will be situated on the property.  In order to make the ride fit on the available land, the lift had to be turned 90 degrees from the bulk of the coaster's track.  The famous dragon tunnel will be recreated on the new coaster, also seen in the render after the turnaround.

Park owners are planning to break ground on the ride in October, and say that engineering on the ride is currently underway.  Famed wood coaster builders Great Coasters, Int. will be working on the ride.  Miracle Strip @ Pier Park already owns the original Starliner parts, though it is unclear how much of that ride will be utilized in the new version.

Miracle Strip @ Pier Park just opened in its new, much larger location in April of this year.  If you missed our feature story on the new park, check it out at this link!