Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Work Well Under Way on Lagoon's 2015 Roller Coaster

Lagoon, located in Farmington, Utah, has been quietly working on a brand new roller coaster for some time now. Construction has kicked into high gear with plenty of vertical structure already in place.  One of our readers was kind enough to send in some photos of the work on the ride, shared below.

Not much is official about the ride yet, so take all of this as rumor for now.  When the park makes the ride, rumored to be called Cannibal, official then we will have all of our questions answered.  For now, the ride is rumored to utilize a dual-elevator lift system that is similar to what was on Pilgrims Plunge at Holiday World.  I believe the base of that lift is on the far left of the above photo, with already assembled lift sections waiting placement on the right.  The red roof is covering what would be the station and part of the pre-lift and brakes for the ride.

Lagoon received a height variance of 208 feet a couple years ago, so we would guess that is the coaster's maximum height.  Lagoon, much like with their family coaster BomBora, is constructing this new ride in-house using several key contractors for ride systems and components.  One of the most important aspects, the ride's track and supports, are being manufactured by Intermountain Lift, Inc.

In the photo above, you can also spot a below grade trench that has been dug, with track poking out one end of it.  This is rumored to be the base of the ride's first drop, which would be longer than the lift due to that below grade section.

Here is another close up shot of the track coming out of the below grade section.  While not too much is know about the track's layout, there are expected to be several inversions and an extremely steep first drop.  The cars on the new coaster would be individual, allowing the tight turns and inversions that will be found on the ride.

That's much to Sid for sending in the photos, we look forward to seeing more soon!