Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aerial Antics: Hunting Down Two Face: The Flip Side

Thanks to one of our readers, Chris, who must also dabble as a private eye, we have a special Aerial Antics today.

After hearing that Two Face was shipped out of the country after being removed from Six Flags America, Chris went hunting through aerial images to see if he could track down the ride.  Knowing it was shipped out of Wilmington, Delaware, he went searching, and...

See anything of interest in this shipping port?

Yes!  He actually found aerial images of the pieces of Two Face sitting in a shipyard, waiting their journey across the sea.  In my opinion Chris must be one of the most patient people on Earth to have found this, and for that I thank him.

Two Face, a Vekoma Invertigo (inverted boomerang) coaster was shipped to Italy, where it is scheduled to reopen at Movieland Park in 2015 as Diabolik Invertigo.  Two Face: The Flip Side operated at Six Flags America in Maryland from 1999 until 2007.  It spent the next seven or so years sitting around in pieces, until a buyer was finally found.

Thanks again to Chris for sharing his find, here's a link that should get you to the maps if you want to check it out!


Christopher said...

Thanks, Mike!