Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Most Confusing 2015 Clues Award Goes to Six Flags Great Adventure

I think the title of this post says it all - Six Flags Great Adventure has me thoroughly confused as to what their 2015 attraction clues are hinting at.  Which is fun!

The first clue is shown at the top.  We have some stuffed animal dragons, a letter O or a zero, not sure which, and finally a small water wheel that looks to be a part of a water play area.

The dragons, aside from being dragons, don't seem to mean too much to my brain.  The O or zero is equally vague, unless it refers to a loop.  And the water wheel, well that could indicate some sort of water attraction I suppose.  Still, tying the three of them together makes things extra difficult.

Now clue number two has been posted, above.  We have three little dragon statues - so perhaps dragons will be used in the name or theme of the new attraction?  We then have a piece of fabric (a shirt, perhaps) that says Loops For.  That's also a second potential hint at an inversion, maybe?  Finally there is a Superman Domo with... I can't tell what wrapped around it.  That one I'm clueless on, aside from maybe something near will be near the park's Superman coaster?

These are really big guesses on my part, but I sorta dig the park being extra confusing with their hints.  Makes it more challenging!

I will be traveling for the rest of the week, so look for fewer posts.  I have a couple set to publish in my absence, and hopefully I can cover the rather huge announcement planned for Thursday!


Unknown said...

maybe the second one is maybe something like Superman Ulitmate flight because its supermand and its has loops and mybe the T-shirt mean looops for loops